day in the life pricing


day in the life

10 hours of coverage including 100 digital images of your choice. Additional products available to purchase.

£ 595


half day in the life

5 hours of coverage (morning or afternoon) including 50 digital images of your choice. Additional products available to purchase.

£ 345


slice of life

This is your usual photography session at your home or an outdoor location which lasts approximately 1 hour. The session is more structured due to the limited time but still fun! You will receive 20 digital images of your choice but of course you will be able to purchase additional products should you wish to.

£ 190

How many photos of your children do you have on your phone? Hundreds if not thousands probably. Now ask yourself again, how many photos of you and your kids together do you have? Exactly. Guilty as charge I'm just like you. Occasional selfie with my two little ones and even then I'm not a lover of the outcome and my arm can stretch only so far.


As cliché as it is to say, kids grow up fast (blink and you missed it). That is why I'm here, that is why I do what I do. Documenting families' lives, snapping away to catch those precious moments for you to treasure forever in the form of a photograph. At Babs Lambourne Photography my aim is to make your experience fun and relaxing at the same time. Yes, I hear you, you are worried that the kids will play up and husband hates his photos taken. Fear not. I'm not here to JUST TAKE YOUR PHOTOS. I'm here to document the time you spend as a family doing things you love, whether it is a walk to the woods or making mess in the kitchen whilst baking. No awkward posing (unless required by yourself), no staging, no fakeness, just you, your perfect family whether it is large or small.


So don't wait. They grow up way too fast!

Spend a day together. Roll out of bed when you feel like it (if the kids let you) or get up nice and early to make most of your day. Make pancakes, go for a walk, stay in your PJ's all day, paint, go to a theme park, whatever takes your fancy, I will be there with you to document the simplicity of your everyday, grabbing the little moments in between that make up our lives. A lot can happen in a life of a family and it is so easy to forget. Unless of course you have photographs to look back on and the memories just come flooding back.