newborn and babies

There is nothing purer or more beautiful than a new baby. That fine hair,  fingers curled up real tight, pouty lips, tiny toes. Those are the little details you want to remember forever as they will be gone in no time. Newborns grow up very fast and you don’t want to forget how tiny your perfect little bundle once was. Being a mum myself I know exactly how overwhelming it can be becoming a parent especially for the first time therefore I will come and photograph your baby in a comfort of your own home. That’s where I can capture those very intimate family moments. And not only will it save you dragging all the baby stuff around but imagine not having to travel anywhere and being able to get that extra hour in bed after a sleepless night. If you would like me to capture the newness of your baby and all her firsts then I suggest you contact me as soon as possible so we can schedule the session within days if not hours of her arrival. If you'd rather wait until the baby is couple of months old and you're all settled in then that's fine too. I don't put an age limit on a newborn/baby session but just bear in mind that all that newness will no longer be there. Of course there will be all the other amazing firsts (first porridge maybe?) for me to capture and for you to treasure forever.