another birthday another cake(s)

So I had quite a week. It was my little man's 6th birthday and with birthdays come cakes. And parties. He had three of them. One with his friends, one on his actual birthday and finaly a family celebration. Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful and he loved every second of it which made me happy but equally I spent a small fortune on coffee to keep me going. I'm shattered.

My boy tends to refer to himself as Bug Master so his requirements for the “main” cake were rather specific. This year he wanted a chocolate cake with a range of creepy crawlies. And not just any creepy crawlies. Alongside a dragonfly, a stag beetle, a spider and other insects the cake had to have a millipede. And because the boy likes things done properly the millipede together with his 6 or 8 legged friends had to be edible. Oh what silly me thinking I could get away with plopping couple of plastic toys on top of the cake! No. All had to be made out of marzipan or similar. But a MILLIPEDE??? Do you know how many flipping legs those creatures have? Up to 750. As soon as he mentioned this million-legged beauty the thought of making each and individual leg out of sugar paste had me covered in sweat. I thought to myself “If I start making one now I could be finished by his 12th birthday”. Great. What do I do. I didn't have a plan. I didn't even know what the cake should look like. So with next to none planning I guess bought some cake ingredients and just went for it. And actually the millipede proved to be the least difficult one of the lot and took under 5 minutes to make. It was more luck then judgement when I by mistake made a tiny little cut to the side of a snake looking piece of ready roll icing. I made another incision very close to the first one and I had the first leg! So I carried on along the whole body on both sides, made some grooves on the back with a small knife to resemble body segments and attached two tiny antennas to finish it off. Drop the mic, stick a fork in me I'm done. With the millipede anyway. The rest was just cutting shapes of various bugs out of icing and sticking them to the cake. I was happy. So was the boy. And as a bonus he said it was a lot more tastier than the “healthy” berry covered cheesecake I made on his actual birthday.

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