creative meets creative a.k.a. Christmas is upon us

Couple of weeks ago I got to spend a morning with Alicia. Fellow mum from school where our kids go. Both of our youngest started school this September and made good friends. I think it is the sweetest thing watching your four year old bonding with their peers and making lasting friendships. I believe that the friends you make in your early years are those for life. I could write another blog on friendships but that's not what I'm here for today...

Alicia is as passionate about flowers as I am about my photos. Nine years ago she went out on her own and set up her Wessex Flower Company covering various events with her beautiful floral creations. And she doesn't stop at events.

Christmas time is busy time for everyone, including me since I like to give myself extra job of making everything from scratch rather than go and buy ready made. This includes Christmas decorations (paper chains with kids anyone?) and wreaths. And I think I may have done a little happy dance when Alicia approached me and asked if I could help her with her Christmas Wreath Workshop portfolio. Of course I said yes. I love seeing creativeness come alive under the hands of skilled artists. And to photograph it at the same time was another bonus. In the time we spent together I watched Alicia effortlessly create opulent Christmas wreaths rich in deep greens in different shapes and sizes not forgetting the seasonal berries.

I'm so grateful to be able to do what I do as it doesn't feel like a job at all. You just go and see some nice people, drink coffee with them, eat biscuits, have a chat, play peekaboo with the kids, all this whilst pressing a shutter on your camera. And then you relive the moments as you scroll through the photos on your computer. Happy days.

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