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Although Christmas has only just been and gone it seems like a distant memory now and we are all well and truly into 2020. And because I took first couple of weeks of this year easy (by easy I mean no work and making most of the time with my family before everybody went back to school and work) it is only now that had a chance to sit down and do something just for me (well, and for you too).

Last year my kids, mainly the older one, started following the dates on the kitchen wall planer and really enjoyed making their little notes in it. Suddenly I started seeing random scribbles that notified me when the next tennis or ballet lesson was. Or a note about our Christmas holiday in Czech Republic where on the date of our departure it said “Bye bye England, hello Czech, smiley face" and next to the return date was a frowny face with “Bye bye Czech, hello England". Suddenly my kids were showing some organisational skills!

So when I was looking for a new 2020 wall planner/calendar at the end of last year I needed something that would be easy enough for the kids to follow and write in and to look good at the same time of course! Unfortunately I couldn’t find one that would tick all the boxes. It’s not that I didn’t like any calendars out there, but if I really liked one it either was the wrong size, orientation or the layout wasn’t quite right or it wasn’t pretty enough. I was after A4 sized planner that would easily pin onto our kitchen notice board but still left room for other stuff like my daughters Instax photographs that she takes, or an occasional love note.I figured the best thing for me to do is to sit down at my chaotic desk and create my very own.

I knew exactly what look I was going for so all I had to do was to create the grid, get some freebie vectors and few moments later I had my very own 2020 planner that I was happy with.

And what kind of a person would I be if I didn’t share this tiny little piece of joy in my life with everybody else? So if you are as unaorganised as me and still don't have your 2020 calendar hanging on the wall and if this is the one you've all been waiting for then download away, print it out in the comfort of your own home (or the nearest print shop) and enjoy, IT'S FREE! And because I love being inspired it would make me really happy if you shared a photo of how you displayed the Babs Lambourne Photography 2020 calendar in your home. To do that, just post you photo on Instagram using hashtag #blpcalendar2020, I can't wait to see them all!

Download 2020 calendar now

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