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It is that time of the year again and kids are on top of their game more than I am. Writing Christmas cards, done. Cookie baking, done. Letters to Santa, done. I must say, this year, I'm really enjoying all those activities with them, not that I didn't in previous years but somehow, as they get older they start to understand the true meaning of Christmas which is beautiful to watch. Obviously the materialistic side of things is still very appealing to them, after all they are 6 and 4. Equally my boy has asked for 4 presents this year and when asked if he wanted to add to his list he responded with "No, because Father Christmas is going to be very busy on the night delivering all the presents and it is all going to be very heavy.". So there you have it. Kids have put their letters under their pillows and to their surprise in the morning they were gone! And there were some foot prints on the carpet too! (Sorry about the rubbish phone photo, I completely forgot to do it properly - I blame the excitement.)

In previous years kids have posted their letters to Royal Mail Santa in order to get a response back but I thought this year I would like something little more personal to them. Yes, there are various websites where you can purchase such letters to be sent to children or even have a video message from Santa recorded for them but me being me, it didn't have much of a personality plus I like to do things the hard, most awkward and difficult way of course. So I set on the mission to create lasting excitement with the lead up to Christmas (plus I get to keep the kids' original letters as a keepsake). It was fairly easy. I typed out exactly what I wanted in response to each letter that my little ones wrote to Father Christmas (btw he goes by both names in our house), I made some old looking paper by soaking ordinary white photocopier paper in a strong brew of coffee, put it in the oven for 5 minutes to dry and then printed the text onto it. Job done. It didn't take long and the effect was amazing. You can only guess what followed the next day when the kids discovered their letters on the mantle piece. Those are the happy little faces I will always remember.

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