lifestyle session at home | Berkshire, UK

You may remember these two adorable parents from the maternity session I photographed few weeks back. Well, the time has come and most adorable baby boy was born just over couple of weeks ago now. I couldn't wait to meet this little guy! Me and his parents have scheduled his very first photo shoot at their own home which I was very excited about. The reasons for my excitement were simple. I absolutely adore home sessions. I get to meet the couple and their new addition in the comfort of their own home where they can relax and be themselves a lot more than they would be in a studio. No stress over carrying all the baby stuff around, no stress of being somewhere on time (chances are that you don't even know where exactly the studio is), no worrying over feeding times and nap times.

To tell a story you need a setting. And what a better place then baby's first home. It makes perfect sense. Sometimes I hear people say that their home doesn't look like a studio, is too small to take photographs in, is a big mess, you get me. But I don't need a stage to capture the perfect story. The perfect story and perfect setting is already there, in your home, with all your personal things, baby's cot, first cuddly toys and blankets. And look on the bright side. You get that extra hour in bed which I'm sure is very much needed!

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