it's all about the spin

So.. About a year ago there was no way I could put my then 3 year old daughter in a dress. My cousin's wedding was weeks away and she was meant to be a flower girl.

Fast forward a year and little madam is becoming a small fashionista. And her favorite attire? Dress of course. And it doesn't get any better than lovingly hand made stuff that comes from those people who put their hearts and souls into it. This dress is one of those. It is beautifully crafted by Hannah, founder of “YOU ARE SMALL” and as if that wasn't enough she also goes that one steps further and dies the soft cotton fabric herself. Hannah has put lot of thought into this dress and the result is just amazing. Not only is it going to grow with my small fashionista thanks to the clever adjustable straps and it's free fit but the spin! OH THE SPIN on this dress!

I bought the dress for Skyla's birthday which was received with an ecstatic jumping up and down and screams. And of course she had to wear it immediately to her birthday picnic in the park. And again the next day. And the day after... She would wear it as a school uniform if she could.

And in case you're wondering. She did a great job as a flower girl in the end. We wen't from no-dress wearer to “I wan't to buy all the dresses in the shop” in matter of days. The process was simple really. I bought a skirt and a top and gave it to her as a present. She was hesitant at first but it was a present after all so she decided to try it on. And then she discovered the skirt spins. 3 weeks later, the morning of the wedding, she dressed herself in a record time. Simply because she couldn't wait any longer to put her flower girl dress on...

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