little girl's new bedroom

The time had come. The third candle on the cake was approaching faster then I'd ever imagined and our baby girl was turning into a threenager. With that we thought it would be an ideal time to try and get her to sleep in her own bedroom which was something she refused to do and always preferred our bed to hers. We never objected. Her older brother was just the same and as soon as his 3rd birthday hit us that was it. He had his new big boy's bed and he never asked to go in mummy's and daddy's again. Unless he was poorly of course...

I'm incredibly lucky. I'm married to a carpenter and with his skills and my vision we make a pretty good team. Also my persistence and nagging is to be mentioned here because without those there is a chance that I wouldn't even have a shelf on a wall. You know. You work in a fish and chip shop and last thing you want to eat when you get home is fish and chips. And because we are so good together and my husband loves me and his children dearly, he was happy to transform the nursery into a room fresh from the Ideal Home catalogue...

With not much room to play with we wanted to squeeze an absolute best out of this design. And it had to be pretty. And functional. At the end of the day we were trying to make the bedroom irresistible to a 3 year old but also timeless enough to last her a decade. So influenced and slightly obsessed with Scandinavian and Hygge design we got to work and came up with what I think is a beautiful bedroom fit for any boy or girl of almost any age. The core is kept neutral and simple which makes it easy to accessorize as the client (in this case 3 year old child obsessed with bunnies, cats, any other animals, blue and pink) pleases.

Pat on my husband's shoulder for putting up with me. And my high demands. And stupid attention to detail. If anything was out by 1 mm I would be onto him. And it drove him mad. But he still went and done it. And he's done well. It cost us couple of arguments but that's life. I painted the whole thing including the bedroom itself and I don't ever want to see a paintbrush again (hey, I think we should change the floor in our living room and while we're at it lets paint the walls and ceiling).

Madam was thrilled. She loves her bedroom. In fact she loves it so much that even when she is not well and I bring her in our bed , 10 minutes later she asks to go back in hers.

Sometimes I miss my babies at night.

large poster: Mrs Mighetto

wooden pram: The White Company

bunny print: Strawberry Valley

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