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My 5 year old boy is not as much into dinosaurs and cars but he adores anything that has 6, 8 or more legs, is slimy or has elytrons.

This is his pet stick insect. He was a birthday present in the form of a tiny egg from Insectlore which has hatched within couple of months. Sonny has named him Steven. He is Carausius morosus also known as common, Indian or laboratory stick insect). I have read somewhere that male stick insect liver for approximately 4 months. so needless to say I was getting very suspicious when Steven reached the age of 5 months knowing that female stick insect live for about a year.. Truly enough over the last couple of weeks Steven has been laying eggs. In fact around 30 in that time!

Steven is now called Stephanie.

We will keep some of the eggs as my boy loves watching the whole process of egg hatching and insects shedding their skin when they grow and also we all know that Steven won't live forever. They are very low maintenance, feed on privet, ivy or bramble which is plentiful around where we live and if you have a little entomologist in making then I'm sure they would love to have one of these. Just keep an eye on those eggs!!!

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