there is only one real "first day of school"

She made it. But I had no doubts she wouldn't. First week of school for my youngest is behind us and I'm left with mixed feelings of redundancy, happiness and little sadness just like any other mother in my situation out there. My baby, which has only just turned 4, is now a school child. The whole summer she kept asking how many more sleeps to go until she can put her uniform on and start her brand new adventure.

I'm pleased to say that I managed to keep it together apart from one tiny little moment when she put her uniform on and all of a sudden she was all grown up. Cliché to say I know, but there she was, all proud and excited at the same time, ready to go, ready to let go of my hand. Me and my husband walked her to her classroom and all we got from her was: “I want you go to now!”. Next day I wasn't even allowed to go in the classroom with her. She insisted to say her good-bye outside the school gate and off she went. I'm so pleased that she settled in so quickly and that her confidence grows as she faces all these new challenges but I would be lying to myself if I said that I didn't miss having my babies at home with me after all that summer holiday fun. Time to find a new hobby perhaps.

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